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    Guest Speaker: Artist Emma Fay

    waj by wyusuf | 02-02-17

    This week Emma popped into Seed Creativity to speak to our BAPSCI learners.

    Emma Fay is known for her concept body artistry, using paint on the human canvas to create artworks that challenge visual perception. Inspired by evolution and origins, her art conveys notions of surrealism and symbolic expressionism through her manipulation of the human form. Successfully combining her artistic, theatrical and business background with professional experience within the hair and beauty industry, Emma has gained notable recognition as one of the world’s most accomplished body artists. In addition to fine art, Emma’s work has been applied to more commercial domains, creating captivating artwork for editorial and advertorial use, both as photographed body art and live installations.read more

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    Leicester College learners win global DECA Idea Challenge 2016

    waj by wyusuf | 01-02-17

    Leicester College learners are DECA Idea Challenge 2016 Global winners in the College/University category announced this week.

    The Challenge had 2048 entries from 16 countries around the world including Algeria, China, India, Jamaica, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and more.

    Learners decided the product they created had to have a safety aspect about it. They recycled the plastic bottle to produce a cover for exposed plug and wiring system in poorer countries in order to protect children from getting an electric shock.

    Peter Jones Enterprise Academy learners Gigar Surendracumar and Andy Hill worked collaboratively with Foundation Degree Travel and Tourism learners Marie Simmonds and Natasha Green to produce the winning idea.read more

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    Top 5 Things Not to Write in Your UCAS Statement

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 30-11-16

    Leicester College's internal UCAS deadline is fast approaching, and our dedicated careers team have scheduled drop-in support sessions for all learners wanting to get their university personal statement just right. Sessions are timetabled this week between 28 November and 2 December - check out the careers team's Twitter feed for exact times and places.

    While there's no substitute for advice from the professionals, if you're still scratching your head about what to include and what to leave out, read this handy guide to get you started.read more

  • Confused?

    A levels, BTECs - what's best for you?

    hannah by hgeorg | 25-10-16

    Are you confused about BTECs? If you are you're not the only one. When we're out and about at schools and colleges we frequently get asked about what the different levels are and if they're a real alternative to A levels, so we've answered a few of the common queries below.
    There are loads of different BTECs – what do they all mean?
    There are seven levels of BTEC but broadly levels 1-2 are GCSE equivalent; level 3 is equivalent to A levels; and levels 4-7 are higher education and postgraduate.
    At level 3 there are different types of qualification – the BTEC Certificate; BTEC subsidiary diploma; the BTEC diploma; and the extended diploma, which is the same as three A levels . This means that it is sometimes possible to combine a BTECs with A levels.read more