Leicester College learners are DECA Idea Challenge 2016 Global winners in the College/University category announced this week.

The Challenge had 2048 entries from 16 countries around the world including Algeria, China, India, Jamaica, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and more.

Learners decided the product they created had to have a safety aspect about it. They recycled the plastic bottle to produce a cover for exposed plug and wiring system in poorer countries in order to protect children from getting an electric shock.

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy learners Gigar Surendracumar and Andy Hill worked collaboratively with Foundation Degree Travel and Tourism learners Marie Simmonds and Natasha Green to produce the winning idea. The learners won $750 dollars as part of their prize.

The winning team were supported by mentors Louise Palfreyman of Louise Palfreyman Consulting and Heather Wildsmith and Lydia Allen from the National Youth Agency.

Marie Simmonds said: “We are so delighted to have won, it was completely unexpected especially because so many people from around the world enter.

“We explored many ideas with a safety concept and the plug cover was the idea we all felt most strongly about.

“Many poorer countries do not have the safest electrical infrastructure and we felt the exposed electrical power sockets were a threat to children, hence creating something that will protect them using the plastic bottle.”

The 2016 Challenge asked learners to reinvent plastic bottles into original creations. The learners were then asked to produce a brief video showing their creation.



The DECA Idea Challenge 2016 is a premier event of Global Entrepreneurship week – a celebration of the next generation of entrepreneurs.