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    Top Tips for your College Application Form: Dos and Don'ts

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 06-02-17

    So you've decided you want to go to college and maybe you even know what you want to study- great! Applying for a college course after leaving school or being out of education for a while can seem daunting, but you're making a decision to move forward with your life and improve your prospects (and good for you). So just how do you write that winning college application?


    Do get a partner, friend, teacher, colleague, older family member, tutor, boss, or other trusted person to read over your college application. You want a "critical friend" - someone who will help you increase your chances of success by pointing out the areas you need to improve.
    Do mention relevant work experience or anything else which shows your passion for your subject.read more

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    Electrical Engineering Students' Erasmus Plus Work Experience in Spain

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 13-12-16

    Why are Leicester College students out in Andalusia? What are they learning?

    Leicester College learners on Electrical Engineering courses are eligible to undertake an EU-funded Erasmus Plus programme in Spain to complement their studies,  which involves spending an initial week in Seville to learn about Spanish culture. As part of the orientation week, they also get to visit other cities in southern Spain such as Granada, with its famous Alhambra Palace. Then, they are taken to a small town 40km outside Seville to stay with local families for a further three weeks. During this time they undertake work experience for four days a week; have Spanish lessons; play football with the locals, and have even been featured on Spanish TV doing a language exchange (link here; audio in Spanish).read more

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    I Made My Own Career Opportunities with Free Distance Learning

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 07-12-16

    This blog post comes courtesy of Marina S., a student who has taken several distance learning courses here at Leicester College.

    Distance learning courses have been a great opportunity for me to develop professionally and personally.

    In 2014, I completed a course in mental health training. At the time I was working in the community as a family support worker, supporting and helping the most vulnerable families across Leicester. Very soon I realised that many of the families I was working with were facing mental health difficulties, including panic attacks and depression. In order for me to support them meaningfully, I used my initiative and I looked at how to expand my knowledge and understanding of mental health.read more

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    Top 5 Things Not to Write in Your UCAS Statement

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 30-11-16

    Leicester College's internal UCAS deadline is fast approaching, and our dedicated careers team have scheduled drop-in support sessions for all learners wanting to get their university personal statement just right. Sessions are timetabled this week between 28 November and 2 December - check out the careers team's Twitter feed for exact times and places.

    While there's no substitute for advice from the professionals, if you're still scratching your head about what to include and what to leave out, read this handy guide to get you started.read more

  • students

    Why do our learners choose Leicester College?

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 22-11-16

    It's the time of year again for thinking about your options. Maybe you're in year 11, tentatively thinking about your place in the world after your GCSEs, and weighing up your options for sixth form vs. college. Or maybe you've been out of education for a while and are considering getting some more qualifications to help you in your life, or even with the aim of changing careers completely. There's  certainly a lot to think about, and it's definitely worth taking your time to consider what you want to get out of the next step in your education.

    Lots of young people report having a better time at college than at school. It's not just the wider range of courses (although that's obviously important), but it's the freedom to break away from your old "school" identity.read more

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    Why do I need to take a level 1 course when I already have GCSEs?

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 17-11-16

    When you're picking your college courses after leaving school, you'll often be advised to take a level 2 (GCSE level) or level 3 (A level) option. But if you're thinking of studying hairdressing, beauty, brickwork, electrical installation, hospitality, or motor vehicles, you'll often be told you need to take a level 1 (pre-GCSE level) course.  Being asked to sign up for a lower-level course might sound like a step back: so why do we do this?

    The answer is quite simple. If you're going on to study Maths, English, History, or another traditional academic subject after your GCSEs, you already know all the basics- after all, you've been studying these areas for up to 12 years already.read more

  • bully-free-zone

    Anti-Bullying Week 2016 at Leicester College

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 14-11-16

    This week, November 14-18 2016, is National Anti-Bullying Week.

    You probably heard a lot about bullying when you were at school, along with the usual "tell a grown-up" advice. That might have been helpful then, but what if it happens when there's no longer a trusted adult you can automatically tell? What if it happens when you're already an older teenager or an adult yourself?

    Unfortunately, bullying  happens beyond the playground, and can cause serious problems among adults and college-age learners. According to Stonewall,  LGBTQ+ people have an especially difficult time while they're in further education. The NHS also has a page dedicated to workplace bullying.read more

  • 027

    Rosemary Conley comes to PJEA

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 07-11-16

    On Thursday, November 3, the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy had a very special guest: diet and fitness entrepreneur Rosemary Conley.

    Speaking to learners about her start in the industry, Conley explained how she began with a campaign of 30 posters in 1972 - and from that she was able to run a fitness class for 29 people, which was the start of her multi-million pound business. What followed in the years to come was a massive franchise, exercise DVDs, and book and TV deals. Today, Conley runs an online business and has taken on substantial charity work - which is part of the reason behind her visit to Leicester College.

    Conley spoke of the College as being "dear to her heart", and of the "fabulous opportunities" offered to young people via the courses at PJEA.read more

  • student-union

    The benefits of having a Student Union in Leicester College

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 01-11-16

    This blog post has been brought to you with the help and inside knowledge of Cameron Peberdy, the 2016/17 Student Union Treasurer at Leicester College.

    What is the Student Union?

    The Student Union is the name given to the elected student executive body that are voted into position by their fellow learners. While every learner enrolled at the College automatically becomes a part of the Student Union,  the elected body has 22 roles - all with designated duties and responsibilities so that a broad range of activities, representation, and needs are met.read more

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    Celebrate Library Week 7-11 November 2016 with Leicester College!

    kirstin by khollingsworth | 27-10-16

    The librarians and assistants at Leicester College are a dedicated team, bringing you the opportunity to borrow books, for free, for study, research, or pleasure. That's in addition to the study spaces, computers, copy facilities and more which the libraries provide. Working in a library is a labour of love,  and it seems only right that the love should be shared - and we're doing just that with Leicester College Library Week from Monday 7 November to Friday 11 November.

    Library Week will take place across all three campuses, and will involve book sales, competitions, and visits from publishers and book companies.read more