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    How our media and publishing graduate became a senior writer

    hannah by hgeorg | 09-02-17

    Lucie Ellis studied a BTEC National Diploma in Media and Publishing at Leicester College. Now employed as a Senior Writer at Informa Business Intelligence, Lucie spoke to our Alumni Team about her experiences at college, getting into university and making it as a writer.

    “When I was younger I wanted to be a private detective,” she revealed. “But whilst studying for my GCSEs I became interested in current affairs and investigation. So instead I followed a path into journalism. I decided to go to Leicester College after GCSEs because the course offered at Leicester was tailored to learning the basics of media practice and publishing.

    “At college I learnt a lot of practical skills for radio and TV production. I also learnt the basics of news gathering and reporting.read more

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    Being a mature student – benefits and advice

    hannah by hgeorg | 31-01-17

    If you’re worried about fitting in with your classmates as a mature student at college, or coping with returning to study, don’t be. Being a mature student comes with some huge advantages. Here’s what you need to know.

    You’re not alone

    Around a third of students in the UK are ‘mature’ and this certainly doesn’t mean ‘old.’ The term actually just refers to anyone aged 19 or over. You may have left school at 16 or are returning to study after post-16 education, or perhaps you want to take your career in a new direction. Whatever your reasons for becoming a mature student, you’re in good company.read more

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    Make your CV stand out for the right reasons

    hannah by hgeorg | 26-01-17

    Clichéd phrases are a great way to see your CV get tossed aside, no matter how qualified you are for the job.

    Your recruiter or potential employer sees loads of CVs over the course of the hiring process. “The minimum number of CVs that a recruiter will receive for a UK vacancy is 54,” say Stand Out CV. What’s more, they’ll only spend about 10 seconds deciding whether to shortlist you.

    This is bad news if you’re a “motivated, results-driven, passionate team player who can also work independently.” Especially if you also you like “socialising and reading.” These things might be true, but they’re just not that interesting or original to read, and probably won’t make your CV stand out.read more

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    When is a grade a pass?

    hannah by hgeorg | 11-11-16

    Over recent weeks myself and colleagues have been staffing standings at dozens of local schools' year 11 careers and options evenings. One of the questions that we are frequently asked is "what is a pass at GCSE – is it grade 4 or 5?"

    Current year 11s are the first year who will be awarded grades from 9 to 1  (9 is the highest) for their English language, English literature and Maths GCSEs (they'll get A*- G grades for the rest of the subjects). By 2018 all subjects will be awarded numerical grades.

    For years, a C has been the gold standard pass, which is sought be many employers, colleges and universities, but there is not a direct equivalent in the numerical grades.read more

  • Confused?

    A levels, BTECs - what's best for you?

    hannah by hgeorg | 25-10-16

    Are you confused about BTECs? If you are you're not the only one. When we're out and about at schools and colleges we frequently get asked about what the different levels are and if they're a real alternative to A levels, so we've answered a few of the common queries below.
    There are loads of different BTECs – what do they all mean?
    There are seven levels of BTEC but broadly levels 1-2 are GCSE equivalent; level 3 is equivalent to A levels; and levels 4-7 are higher education and postgraduate.
    At level 3 there are different types of qualification – the BTEC Certificate; BTEC subsidiary diploma; the BTEC diploma; and the extended diploma, which is the same as three A levels . This means that it is sometimes possible to combine a BTECs with A levels.read more

  • Public speaking

    Alumni give us their real-life public speaking advice

    hannah by hgeorg | 16-09-16

    If you’ve got a fear of speaking in front of people or need help perfecting your pitch, you could learn a thing or two from these successful alumni about public speaking with confidence and eloquence.
    Everyone gets nervous
    “Everyone is nervous of public speaking, but the audience won't notice your nerves,” advised one former student and now CEO.

    “Expect to be most nervous at the start, especially in the first minute,” he said. “That's completely normal and will improve throughout your speech. Remember to smile and speak slowly. I still write 'smile' and 'slowly' at the top of my speaking notes.”

    The general consensus amongst the alumni was that everyone gets nervous before giving a speech – but that’s okay and it can be dealt with.read more

  • Engineering apprentices

    Study, work and earn

    hannah by hgeorg | 31-08-16

    Studying full time is not for everyone. If you've just left school or college, or are thinking about a change of career an apprenticeship could be for you.

    Apprentices learn new skills and gain work experience at the same time as studying part time toward recognised qualifications. All while earning a wage.
    Types of apprenticeships
    Broadly there are four types of apprenticeship:

    Intermediate level. Apprentices at this level work towards qualifications such as BTEC level 2 certificate or diploma, or NVQ level 2.
    Advanced level.read more

  • Nervous about GCSE results?

    Nervous about GCSE results? Leicester College is here to help

    hannah by hgeorg | 25-08-16

    The wait for GCSE results is finally over – whether you’re jumping for joy at sheets full of A*s or disappointed that you didn’t do as well as expected there are still plenty of options for you. Here are our tips on what you could do next.
    You got the grades you were expecting – or did even better 
    Fantastic! Once you have calmed down take some time to double check that the college and courses you originally applied for are still the ones for you. Will they allow you to get into the career or university you are hoping to? If they are contact the college or sixth form to confirm your place.

    If you are having second thoughts have a look around at alternatives – it’s not too late to change your mind.read more

  • photo winner

    Leicester College learner wins coveted photography prize

    hannah by hgeorg | 15-08-16

    Mark Boulton who is in year 2 of his Foundation Degree in photography with video at Leicester College won the ‘Digital Category’ as part of the HARMAN technology ltd Student Competition 2015, the theme for this year was “Saturday Night at the Movies”.

    HARMAN hold an annual photography competition that invites all budding photographers to submit their creative entries.

    This year the competition saw just short of 1000 entries and took the judges several hours to decide which two images should be selected as the winner in their respective category.read more

  • Gas engineer

    Getting to grips with BTECs

    hannah by hgeorg | 25-07-16

    BTECs were introduced by the Business and Technology Education Council which began in 1984.

    The BTEC qualification was designed to look at the needs of employers and providing relevant vocational and work place related courses, which allowed learners to progress in education.

    BTECs currently cover the following subject areas

    Applied Science
    Art and Design
    Business and Services
    Children and Young People
    Construction and the Built Environment
    Hair and Beauty
    Health and Social Care
    Performing Arts and Music
    Public Services and Uniformed Services
    Travel and Tourism

    A BTEC can take one to two years to complete, depending on whether you study for the course full-time or part-time.read more